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CrossFit Four Horsemen welcomes you to Stuttgart’s south side. No matter whether you are new in town, just want to drop in, or have been wanting to try a new challenging sport, we are looking forward to having you here with us! 

At our new facility, you can workout and improve your fitness in our large and open 2.000 square foot space. We have developed high intensity workouts where you can improve your cardiovascular, strength, gymnastics, and stamina to help you meet your needs.

All workouts are easily scalable and can be adapted to your requirements. We work in small groups to ensure we can work with athletes one on one. Your coach will provide advice, feedback, watch you perform and motivationally yell at you from time to time.  

CrossFit is about more than just working out, we want everyone to be a part of our growing community. We invite you to come hang out, have a beer, put something on the grill, or hit a pub/bar….this is what the CrossFit community is all about!

Never Quit

That’s the motto! No matter what it takes. No matter if you are tired, exhausted, or feel done, finish what you started!!!  

Just contact us for more information.