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CrossFit for soccer teams

Many athletes use CrossFit or functional training in the preparation phase or to build up general fitness. Marcel Hirscher is probably the most well-known example among the skiers, and swimmer Michael Phelps has also been spotted at CrossFit workouts. CrossFit has already established itself as an additional training element among professional athletes in the United Sates. Just to name a few: Greg Jennings and Christie Rampone (American soccer players), Jason Terry (American basketball player) and Marco Belinelli (Italian basketball player). So, why not take advantage of CrossFit for soccer players?

CrossFit Training Fußball

CrossFit with soccer players

To prepare for the second half of the 6th soccer league, the squad of the Calcio Leinfelden-Echterdingen e.V. is being trained at CrossFit Four Horsemen. In two training sessions, the players learn some CrossFit basics and how to stabilize their core zone for the future tackles. Our common goal is to improve agility, strength, coodination and endurance so that the guys remain strong, injure-free and well-prepared for the upcoming games.

The CrossFit workout for our soccer team players

Our first training session started with two core exercises in the warm-up phase: Mountain Climbers und V-ups. 

In order to warm up the shoulder for later exercises, we did ring rows. Afterwards, the players learned a completely new movement in the technical session with the handstand and/or the handstand walk. The incorporation of unknown, technically demanding exercises not only improves coordination as well as core strength but it is also fun to learn something new. In the strength section we showed how front squats are performed neatly and, if possible, increased the weights with each set. We did the same thing with the strict presses. Both exercises were also a preparation for the following workout.

There, 20 minutes of Thrusters and Toes-to-bar were announced. To make it a bit more demanding we increased the repetitions in each round. After the cooling down there was enough time for stretching. The entire training session lasted one hour and twenty minutes.


CrossFit Warm up sit ups Fußball

CrossFit workout Fußball

What other sports are possible?

For sports clubs we offer team trainings in our gym. It is discussed in advance which training incentives are to be used in order to optimally use the time in prepatione or in the summer break.

CrossFit, above all, improves your physical performance as well as your mental endurance. Often this makes the difference between victory and defeat.

Get in touch if we can help you to find soultions for your team.

CrossFit workout Barbell Thrusters Fußball

CrossFit workout Knee raises Fußball

CrossFit workout Barbell Thrusters Fußball