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CrossFit and Swimming – Does that fit together?

Why do we offer swimming besides CrossFit?

Since May 2018, we have been offering swimming once a week besides the CrossFit WODs and weightlifting. Why that, one or the other may wonder. Does that fit with CrossFit at all? What are the advantages and disadvantages to do swimming units in addition to the WOD? What are the common features of CrossFit and swimming?

CrossFit and Swimming

CrossFit stands for highly intense, functional training that is constantly varied. Swimming can be a variation in the daily training routine and is also a high-intensity and functional training. The CrossFit philosophy also encourages you to try new sports every now and than. True to the motto: Dare! Something new every day!

It is also important to us that everyone is able to stay afloat swimming. Swimming is not a popular sport, but in rare cases ist can be vital. A good swimming technique enables you to swim longer and more efficiently with less energy. 

Our offered training is aimed at improving the technique of all kinds of swimming (breaststroke, front crawl, back stroke as well as butterfly) and contributes to better fitness. There is no problem if you can not do all the stroke styles yet or think of yourself that you can not swim “properly” at all. You never stop learning! Experience how to become more efficient and faster through a better swimming technique. 


Similarities of CrossFit and Swimming

Even if the swimming training takes place in the water, CrossFit and swimming have a lot in common: 

  • Holistic training / different muscle groups are stimulated simultaneously 
  • Focus on the core stability (it is fundamentally important in both sports!)
  • The training units within a training lesson take up to 10 minutes or longer
  • There are precise time limits and a similar amount of abbreviations. 
  • High intensity
  • The movements to be performed are often complicated and the technique is extremely important. 
  • The training structure is similar: There is always a warm-up, a technique and strength and/or strength endurance part as well as a “workout”

Swimmers are used to an environment in which gravity is half-lacking. Therefore, their joints and muscles are not so “well-prepared” for dry land. Conversely, for CrossFitters the water resistance and/or the “feedback” of a movement is missing. However, the more regularly you go swimming, the better the so called “water-feeling” and the position in the water becomes. The latter is crucial for efficient swimming in every style. 


Advantages and prejudice of swim training in addition to CrossFit 

Advantages of swim training

  • You build up your general fitness 
    By training in the water, you have to move permanently. Even if you feel lighter in the water and movements also feel easier, you will almost continuously for 60 minutes when you come to our swim WOD. In addition to that, you develop your lunge capacity thru the different breathing techniques. 
  • Holistic muscle building
    You can only swim well if you use your entire body. Through the movement, you definitely build up muscles holistically and yet spare your joints. Of course, this does not replace strength training with weights, but it is a well-balanced load for all muscle parts. 
  • Swimming improves your posture
    In addition to the already mentioned holistic muscle build up, swimming requires you to stretch properly. Especially when front crawling, this is an important component – crucial for propulsion. Professional swimmers are often recognized by their broad shoulders and their usually very upright posture.
  • The cardiovascular system is stimulated
    The difference in temperature in the water stimulates your metabolism. When you swim, you also burn a lot of calories.

Prejudices against the swim training 

  • Low intensity? 
    Depending on the training plan, the training intensity may be lower than in other sports – But be sure that this is not the case with us. Even after the swim training, you will notice the workout on your body. 
  • Costs?
    Unfortunately, we can not pay for the swimming pool entrance fees. We recommend you to buy a 10-time punch card at the Stuttgarter Schwimmbädern if you want to participate regulär in the swimming WOD. In the summer, the training takes place in the Freibad Möhringen (outdoor pool). During the winter times, we will meet at the Stuttgarter Hallenbad in Sonnenberg (indoor pool). The single entry fee for all Stuttgart swimming pools is 4,50€.
  • Sophisticated technique?
    As in weightlifting, the technique is also decisive for a top performance in swimming. It takes some countless lanes and a lot of time to learn the technique at swimming.  Be aware o that, internalize it and do not become impatient! The progress will definitely come. It is just great to experience how easy it is to glide thru the water and increase the distance, meter by meter, within one training unit. 
  • Monotony?
    Mony consider swimming to be boring tile counting – we will prove the contrary to you. Here, too, it very much depends on the training planning as well as the groups. Varied training design makes you forget the tile counting. 

Have we made you curious? Would you like to drop in and train with us? WE are looking forward to seeing you and welcoming you at our gym. Should you have any further questions, just write us.